Failed to execute: "/Applications/"


Getting this error -

Failed to execute: “/Applications/” --output-format human-readable-text --notices --warnings --platform iphoneos --minimum-deployment-target 12.1 --target-device iphone --target-device ipad --app-icon ‘AppIcon’ --launch-image ‘LaunchImage’ --output-partial-info-plist ‘/Users/chs/projects/HelloWorld/build/iPhoneSimulator-12.1-Development/AssetCatalog-Info.plist’ --compress-pngs --compile “/Users/chs/projects/HelloWorld/build/iPhoneSimulator-12.1-Development/” “/Users/chs/projects/HelloWorld/resources/Assets.xcassets”

when issuing these commands-

mkdir ~/projects
cd ~/projects
motion create HellowWorld
cd HelloWorld

Has anyone else seen this? I tried to reset the xcode command line tools, but that didn’t work.



What version of Xcode do you have installed?