Hello World (Start Here)


Welcome to the (rebooted) RubyMotion Community Forum. I have an archive of the past forum here.

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I’ll start :grimacing:

Name: Amir Rajan

Title: Steward of RubyMotion, Indie Game Dev, Fractional CTO

How I got into Ruby:
Was a .Net dev that had to do build automation. Ended up doing automation using Rake. It for a Rest API, so I then ended up writing a bunch of black box test using RSpec and HttpClient. Fell in love with the language and never looked back. I eventually got really burned out on the .Net stack and all the Enterprise TM solutions, which is when I decided to take some time off and do mobile game development using RubyMotion. The rest is history.

Shameless Plugs/Networking:
Buy my games. If you need help with software development (mobile or otherwise), reach out to me. I’ve got a lot of side hustles… one of them being my boutique consultancy.

Other languages I love working in:
Clojure, ClojureScript, C (I’m a masochist), Objective C

Dev setup:

  • MacBook Pro 2017 (MacBook Pro 2016 as a backup if/when I have to take my main machine in to fix my butterfly keys)
  • 38-inch UltraWide Dell Monitor
  • Herman Embody Chair
  • Waiting on my Ergodox (MX Brown Keys)
  • Karabiner Elements
  • HammerSpoon
  • Emacs+Evil
  • Spectacle
  • TMUX
  • iTerm