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Name: Dan Healy

Title: Full stack Ruby dev (and wannabe game developer)

How I got into Ruby:
In 2006/2007 I was working as a logic design engineer using Verilog, but I really wanted to try making a multiplayer game. I had a friend who worked at a big Flash game company, he suggested that I try working with him on a Rails app.

The app didn’t really work out and neither did the job, but I’d seen the light of open source software and there was no going back to discovering that you wasted 3 weeks of work because you missed the “this promised major hardware feature doesn’t actually work” entry at the end of a long errata sheet.

Three years and some odd side projects later, I started working as a Rails dev for a company in the Music / ticketing industry.

Other languages I love working in:
Verilog and RISC Assembly were pretty fun, I have to admit. Every other language I only use because I have to, usually Javascript and C/Obj-C.

Dev setup:
MacBook Pro 2012, I’m definitely due for an upgrade, but it does have 16GB ram and 512GB SSD.
Skylake i7
iPhone 7+, iPhone 5S, iPhone X^2 soon?
Apple TV 4
A very very cheap OEM android tablet
I sat in about 50 office chairs before settling on a cheap one that “felt right”

Shameless plug: Currently looking for work!


Greetings all,

I’ve been programming for decades, working with more langs/platforms/techs than I can easily recall. For even longer, I’ve struggled with severe pain and illness, worsening as the years passed. About ten years ago, I quit almost all coding to deal with my health and shifted my focus to acting and movement arts training.

Steadily improving and now I’m taking a fresh look at whether and what development I might want to get back into. I stumbled on RubyMotion some years ago and knew I wanted to give it a go when I could. And selling through the App Store seems a very interesting possibility. Ruby fun! Rich macos/ios GUI! Endless struggles with arcane bits of generations of Apple SDKs… well, 2 out of three ain’t bad, eh?

It’s pretty funny how little pattern there is to what I remember and what I’ve completely forgotten. And what seems totally unfamiliar, then comes back to me in the middle of the night, 3 days later. :slight_smile: But my health is still my top priority, so I’m taking the time I need and keeping my caprice level set pretty high. Having a blast working through the various RubyMotion samples and tutorials. Just now, I’m all about the SpriteKit, me.

Currently, my main machine is an 11-inch MacBook Air. I’m using XCode for testing/fiddling with Swift/Obj-C samples from the net but Terminal and BBEdit for RubyMotion and Ruby. Just getting the hang of Git and Github (my, what, 5th revision control system? Honestly, a lot of years I just zipped my working directory every morning. Trying to do better. :-). Safari, all day every day — man, do I need to close some of these tabs!

I’m based in Toronto, Canada. And I don’t have a chair at the mo, I mostly stand or sit on the floor – though your discussions have reminded me I had a surprisingly comfortable kneeling chair years ago, so I’m thinking of giving that another shot.

Best wishes,