Command failed with status (1): [/usr/bin/javac -d "./build/Development-27/...]

I’m sorry in poor English.
I’m currently making an Android application with Rubymotion.
However, I got an error.
error contents.

$ rake device
Compile ./app/main_activity.rb
Create ./build/Development-27/lib/armeabi-v7a/
Create ./build/Development-27/lib/armeabi-v7a/gdbserver
Create ./build/Development-27/lib/armeabi-v7a/gdb.setup
./build/Development-27/java/com/yourcompany/hello/ ?ɃA?N?Z?X?ł??܂???B
?N???X?t?@?C?? android/app/Activity.class(android/app:Activity.class) ?͕s???ł??B
?N???X?t?@?C???̃o?[?W??? 52.0 ?͕s???ł??B50.0 ?ł???ׂ??ł??B
public class MainActivity extends {
rake aborted!
Command failed with status (1): [/usr/bin/javac -d "./build/Development-27/…]
/Library/RubyMotion/lib/motion/project/template/android.rb:552:in block (2 levels) in <top (required)>' /Library/RubyMotion/lib/motion/project/parallel_builder.rb:47:inblock (2 levels) in initialize’
Tasks: TOP => build
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

This project file is initial.
I just installed RM, so please cooperate.

Solved by myself.
Thank you.

I just didn’t download “Java SE Development Kit 8”.

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I’ve created a ticket here to add this check to motion doctor. Anyone who sends a PR will get a free indie license.