Could i use RubyMotion for


I am not really a programmer perse, but i do have some knowledge about Ruby, Rails, Swift and PHP.

So recently, a friend and myself got together about a new app we want to (have) develop. It will basicly be a sharing app but geared towards family (so pictures, chat, agenda, location etc.) and i was wondering if RubyMotion is the way to go for the app part?

The way i see it, i could then find a developer who could use RM for the mobile/desk apps, RoR for the web part :slight_smile:

Ofcourse the website has all these wonderful reasons why i should buy RM, but has anyone real, hands on experience? Myself, i am a total Apple guy, but obviously we need to be on the android platform as well, and i guess i am just looking for some guidance from someone who went there before :slight_smile:

That’s the intended goal for RubyMotion. Rails on the backend, a shared application layer on the mobile front end, with UI code being the only thing that is platform specific (still in Ruby) :tada:

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Hello @Lincee! That sounds very similar to an app that I worked on ( We used Rails for the backend and RubyMotion for the mobile apps. RubyMotion is fully capable of building any kind of app that you can imagine because, from a programming perspective, it provides access to all the native libraries on all the platforms that it supports (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Android).

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Awesome! I better start a kickstarter project then hehehe