Error running app on a device

I’m trying to run my app on a physical device using rake device but it results in the following set of errors:

cannot find developer disk image in /Applications/' for version11.4.1’
Error when starting debug server service: code -402653150
Make sure RubyMotion is using a valid (non-expired) provisioning profile
and that no other process (iTunes, Xcode) is connected to your iOS device
at the same time (even through Wi-Fi).

It runs fine in the Simulator. iTunes and Xcode are closed and I turned off Wi-Fi. Not sure what is required to get it running on the device. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You may want to give motion-provisioning a shot:

Looks like it was due to not having the package for 11.4.1 downloaded in Xcode. This can probably be closed.


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