Great App Preview Pages

This was brought up in the Slack channel, but I feel it’s worth posting here too for posterity.

You want to go above in beyond with regards to creating your App Store page. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. No one will read the description of your app.
  2. People do read the changelogs.
  3. Because people won’t read the description of your app. It’s really important to include bite-sized blurbs within your screenshots.
  4. App Preview videos are becoming increasingly important (Apple will not feature your app if you don’t have an App Preview video).
  5. Have screenshots for all devices. You’ll need to take screenshots from an iPhone X, Largest iPad Pro, and iPhone Plus (if you take them from the simulator, be sure the simulators are at 100% magnification or the output png will have the wrong dimensions and will be rejected in iTunesConnect).

Here are three apps that do a fantastic job:

Getting Over It: They create a story/narrative through their screenshots.

Facetune 2: The App Preview Video is great. Their screenshots are solid with informative text.

Badlands 2: Beautiful screenshots that showcase awards and ratings (having laurels is really a great way to project quality).


A useful tool in generating pages like Amir shows:

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