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Welcome to the (rebooted) RubyMotion Community Forum. I have an archive of the past forum here.

  1. Say hello here. Tell us about yourself :slight_smile:
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Guiding Principals of RubyMotion:

  • The business of app development as opposed to just the tech (successful monetization/engagement, user experience).
  • Elevate and “showcase” people over companies/entities/apps.
  • Capture the aesthetics of Ruby, even if the code you write isn’t Ruby (principal of least surprise, developer happiness.).
  • No walled gardens, use existing mobile libraries when possible.
  • Sustainable open source over after hours/exhausting open source.
  • Stewardship and collaboration over leadership.
  • Honesty over market speak and demoware.

I’ll start :grimacing:

Name: Amir Rajan

Title: Steward of RubyMotion, Indie Game Dev, Fractional CTO

How I got into Ruby:
I was a .Net dev that had to do build automation. I ended using Rake and Albacore (now defunct). I also ended up writing a bunch of black box test using RSpec and HttpClient. I fell in love with the language and never looked back. I eventually got really burned out on the .Net stack and all the Enterprise TM solutions, which is when I decided to take some time off and do mobile game development using RubyMotion. The rest is history.

Shameless Plugs/Networking:
Buy my games. If you need help with software development (mobile or otherwise), reach out to me. I’ve got a lot of side hustles… one of them being my boutique consultancy.

Other languages I love working in:
Clojure, ClojureScript, C (I’m a masochist), Objective C

Dev setup:

  • MacBook Pro 2017 (MacBook Pro 2016 as a backup if/when I have to take my main machine in to fix my butterfly keys)
  • 38-inch UltraWide Dell Monitor
  • Herman Embody Chair
  • Waiting on my Ergodox (MX Brown Keys)
  • Karabiner Elements
  • HammerSpoon
  • Emacs+Evil
  • Spectacle
  • TMUX
  • iTerm

Name: Jeremiah Parrack

Title: Software Developer


I graduate in May (2018) with a bachlors in CS. The start of my coding adventure was in college. I began by learning Java (weird impractical school Java) after about two years of this I realized I did not enjoy this and almost switched majors. Then a friend recommended I dive into Ruby after a few days I became addicted and realized this is what I want to do for a living. While still taking classes I worked on ruby for 8 hours a day. After about 6 months I did an internship for 3 months then got a job bulding a WMS where I have morphed into the main guy.


I have been keeping a close eye on RubyMotion for about 2 years. After stalking the community and convincing one of my teachers to let me use it for a project I have recently made the plunge. Currently I have only been using it for about a month but I am already sold and plan to get some RM gigs in a few months.

Dev Setup:
  • Macbook Pro 2017 15’
  • Vim
  • Tmux
  • iTerm
  • SizeUp
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Name: Hwee-Boon Yar


I honestly don’t remember. So I’ll talk about how I got into programming instead: A friend asked if I’ll tag along for a C programming course. I didn’t what the word meant. I went with him. And that was followed by 17 years of programming and enterprise software sales and consulting.


While I learnt Ruby long before coming across RubyMotion, I was never a big Ruby user. Instead, I have already been working with Objective-C for ~7 or so years. I was looking for something better and I was a big Smalltalk user at various points and RubyMotion came along.

Dev setup:

  • MacBook Pro 15" 2016. The Touchbar version with the rotten keyboard
  • Terminal.app
  • Oni (or I might get back to MacVim)
  • Phoenix (and some Hammerspoon)
  • tmux

Shameless Plug:

If you need a part-time CTO (consulting), or someone to help build your iOS apps (development), buzz me :slight_smile:

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Name: Chris McKnight

Title: Frontend/Full-stack Software Engineer

How I got into Ruby:

I started out writing Ruby on Rails applications after transitioning away from PHP :scream:. Later, I moved into iOS development and discovered RubyMotion as a platform to speed up iOS development.

Other languages I love working in:

TypeScript/JavaScript, Objective-C, Rust (still learning)

Dev setup:

15" MacBook Pro 2015
Griffin elevator stand
Full size wired Mac keyboard
Razer Deathadder Chroma mouse
Serta iComfort chair
Karabiner Elements
VS Code
iTerm (tried out hyper in the past but was still a big sluggish)

Shameless Plugs/Networking:

If you need part-time Angular (v2+) or iOS consulting or help building an application, contact me.

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The cool kids call it a “Fractional CTO”… at least that’s what I have on my LinkedIn profile :tada:

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Name: Tarun K. Chattoraj

Title: Dad, Lawyer, Engineer. I work as a Contracts Manager for an engineering company.

How I got into Ruby: My job doesn’t provide me the creative outlet that I need and so I am making a change. First learned to program a long time ago…FORTRAN (which some of you might not remember!) Came to Ruby via Rails as it provided me a comprehensive solution to application development. RubyMotion looks similarly comprehensive.

Dev Setup:

  • iMac (21.5 inch, Late 2013)

  • Atom

  • Lazy-Boy High Leg

Shameless Plugs/Networking: I write contracts and I love the idea of making good agreements. I am particularly interested in blockchain technology because it seems to be a nice blend of my two worlds, a means of programming contracts.

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Always cool to see the other disciplines developers have. Lawyer and Engineer :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside: I’ve gone the @cmckni3 a number of times for side hustles.

Can’t stress this enough, I want to support new grads as much as possible. Pass the word along to your friends that if they want a solid support/foundation to grow, then come here.

Name: Shaun August

How I got into Ruby: I was book learning a bit of Objective-C for Mac development years ago and I wasn’t really getting anywhere. A friend of mine was really into Ruby so I began to learn it.

RubyMotion: I had an opportunity to sell a coin operated digital photobooth and I took the leap (without knowing what I was doing!). I chose MacRuby to write the software in and after many, many late nights I had working software. Since then I’ve been working with MacRuby and then when macOS support came along, RubyMotion.

Dev Setup:

  • Macbook Pro 15" 2017
  • Textmate 2
  • RVM
  • Moom

Shameless Plug: http://eoslightmedia.com

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Have you tried Spectacle?

Name: Abdullah Esmail
Title: Software Developer at a startup

How I got into Ruby
I was freelancing as a web developer during college. Mainly used plain PHP in early 2000’s. In 2006 I created my own mini PHP “framework”, not realizing that web frameworks did exist. In 2007, while I was searching for web frameworks, I came across Ruby on Rails and it just blew my mind. That was my introduction to Ruby. Loved the language and its extremely powerful features and elegant syntax. I discovered RubyMotion in 2013 and used it almost exclusively to develop side projects and client projects for iOS.

Dev Setup

  • iMac 27" (2013) and a MacBook Air (2014)
  • TextMate and Sublime
  • iTerm

Also, as part of teaching myself how android programming works, I created the android_motion_query gem which acts like ruby_motion_query + ProMotion, but for android. It’s still a work in progress.

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Name: Lori Olson (wndxlori almost everywhere)

Title: Chief Instructor of WNDX School, creator of WIMBY app (wimby.ca), writer of Core Data In Motion, Fractional CTO, Principal Consultant at The WNDX Group Inc.

How I got into Ruby:
I was a Java developer for about 8 years (1997-2005) and was about to start a new project. Weekend before, my biz partner and I attended a No Fluff, Just Stuff Java Symposium. Among the conference speakers was Dave Thomas, who’d been Ruby evangelizing for a couple years. But at THIS conference, the hallway track was full of nothing but talk of this cool new framework called Rails (v0.13). My biz partner and I decided to blow a couple weeks off the top of our project schedule and try out Rails. In two weeks, we’d made so much progress, that we never looked back.

Shameless Plugs/Networking:
Sign up for https://wndx.school! The RubyMotion Jumpstart workshop will be launching BEFORE May 12. If you are already signed up for the school, you’ll get a discount!

Other languages I have a love/hate relationship with:
C (I’m not a masochist, it’s fine!), Java, Objective C, Javascript (TBH, mostly hate)

Dev setup:

Retina MacBook Pro 13" 2014 (maxed)
24" Apple Cinema Display
iPhone X
iPad Pro 10.5"
Apple TV 4
Crappy old chair, but I Herman Embody Chair envy, so…
Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard (no judging!)
Terminal app
MacDown app

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Name: Garry Schafer, or grimmwerks, grimm

Title: Human, Freelance Geek and Dad

How I got into Ruby: Well, I first dipped my toe in about 2007 via RoR at the time for a company I was working for, but didn’t really get my feet wet yet. See back in the 90s I was doing Macromedia Director, then Flash work for many years, as well as sound design (mostly for Marvel Comics, where I was also the voice of Captain America). After years of Flash / Flex work, and implementing an MVC framework within Actionscript when I bumped into Rails back in 2007 I just grokked it, but had a lot of other work thrown at me (including years of shudder php for awhile). As an Apple advocate since the old days (before the Clone wars) I’ve always wanted to learn Obj-C but the nomenclature hurt my head. When finally started working with Rubymotion (and I attempted it’s predecessor MacRuby) everything just fell into place. Worked on a fantastic app that communicated through Bluetooth to a smart brace for scoleosis patients to track weartime against a prescription, but haven’t been working with it too much of late. Intend to change that, would like to work on some Audiokit stuff; just been dealing with a bit of health stuff as I’ve been struck with lyme and I tell you: the old saying about health is true; the pain sucks… especially since I’m an old dad and can’t lift the baby.

Sorry, that was a ramble.

Shameless Plugs/Networking: Eh… I don’t know actually; if anyone needs music for anything let me know. Look up some of what I’ve done under the name Method of the W.O.R.M on iTunes. Or the Red Expendables (Cop Shoot Cop minus the main singer).

Other languages: Actionscript (ha!), PHP (blech), Javascript, Swift (much like AS3), C# (though mostly diving deep into Unity)

Dev Setup:
17" Macbook holding out (I like the real estate; I’m old: my eyes)
iPad Pro 12" (got rid of all my old outboard gear / synths to just run virtual / mobile)
iPad Air, iPad mini (though mostly absconded by children)
Apple TV 4
iPhone 6
Hackintosh i7 with 4 27" Dell screens and LED drawing tablet
Herman Miller B chair (I’m old: my back)
Subliminal Text… and a lot of other software really.


Name: Jaron Truman

Title: Web Development Student at Launch School

How I got into Ruby:

I have been working various jobs the last 10 years, mostly Purchasing, Merchandising, etc. Finally decided I was done with the job hoping, looking for the next best thing. I wanted to get into a field that I will enjoy. I had previously dabbled in HTML, CSS, JS and really enjoyed it. So I did some research on several different online programs and came to decide on Launch School because of its Fundamentals First and Mastery based learning Philosophies. The back-end language they teach is Ruby. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Ruby!

Why RubyMotion:

Well I figure I’m going to need to know how to develop mobile apps if I want to be relevant, so I came across it while I was googling one day. Seems like a solid program and I look forward to learning with it while finished up courses at LS.

Other languages:

Well only what I’ve learned in LS (Launch School) so far:
SQL via PostgreSQL
Just started front-end courses learning HTML and CSS, JS soon to follow.

Dev setup:

Mac Mini
Old Samsung Monitor and Old LG Monitor
Staples Office Chair
Logitech Wired backlit keyboard
Logitech wireless mouse
Quiver for notetaking

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Name: Kevin Lawrence
Title: Software Craftsman at a Silicon Valley startup

How I got into Ruby

I was working for a company that made static analysis and testing tools for Java in the 00s. We needed a server up and running quickly and chose Rails for the job. Worked in Java & C# for several years after that but switched to Ruby full time about 6 years ago.

I work on Rails full time at work. Kicking the tyres of Rubymotion for a hobby project.

Languages that I know and love

Ruby, Progress, Haml

Languages that I know and hate

Objective C, C, Cobol, ActionScript, SQL, PL-1, PHP, JavaScript, XSLT

Languages that I know and don’t hate

Python, Java, C#, Coffeescript

Dev setup

2017 MBP with the crappy keyboard and broken 7 key. Might need an external keyboard soon.
Rubymine & RVM & Homebrew.

Coming soon!

Moving back to the old country soon and dreaming of my sweet new home office setup with a Herman Miller Aeron hair and fancy new monitor.


I’ve dealt with this. Turns out it was just some dirt stuck under the key. You can use some pin needles and a guitar pick to lift the keycap and then use an air can to blow out any particles. It may be worth a shot.

I know way too much about mechanical keyboards. Ping me on Slack if you want some tips when you’re ready to take the plunge. I use an Ergodox with Kailh Bronze switches and DSA keycaps. Took a while to get used to, but it’s really great.

Here’s my setup :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.reddit.com/user/amirrajan/comments/8h9a9o/my_dev_setup/

Hi Amir,
thanks for the warm welcome which motivates me to introduce myself.

Name: Daniel Victor from Berlin

How I got into Ruby:
As in the past years Hundreds of Thousands of refugees came to Germany but there were not suitable courses for learning German I decided to create an app myself which would teach the language intuitively.

I had once learned to create websites with Flash, my only experience with programming.
My son happens to be a developer, he tried to introduce me into Objective-C. However, after a few months I gave up. Then he told me about Ruby Motion.
He set up everything and supported me for many months so that I could create my app as I imagined it.
Since a couple of months I am ‘independent’ and enjoy programming with Ruby Motion.

One day I realized that the live reload system would not work anymore. That was a shock.
Meanwhile I can do without.

Other languages:
Flash (as I mentioned), otherwise French, Spanish, Danish, Italian and some Portuguese.

Dev setup:
MacBook Pro 2012
iPhone 6s
iPad Air


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Take a look at this (It’s more of an auto-build): https://gist.github.com/amirrajan/bfadde53081d40b015323f7885e27daa

High level, a process is created via the pty gem which to handle build execution (and re-execution) when a file changes.

Thanks a lot for the code you sent!
It sounds great!

As I just have learned to write code within RubyMotion as I use it for my app - but don’t understand any code beyond I will present it to someone who hopefully will be apply to apply it to my workspace.

Thanks again!