iOS Simulator launches but App not loading


I followed the steps to run the Ruby Motion Hello World. I’m using the Starter version and I have Mac High Sierra and the latest version of XCode and iOS installed (11.3). I’m running rake in sudo with the following command sudo rake simulator device_name='iPhone X' and the app kicks off the build and simulator successfully. However, the simulator app gets launched but no iPhone X simulator window comes up with the hello world app. I’ve attached a screenshot of the terminal window.

Anyone have any idea of how to get simulator to launch the hello world app correctly in the iPhone simulator window?

Make sure you run Xcode, and check on what simulators are installed. I know I had problems the other day getting the most recent tvOS simulator to start, only to discover I hadn’t installed it.

It’s strongly recommended that you run rake in userland. I personally use rbenv to manage my rubies. First install brew. Then run:

brew install rbenv
rbenv install 2.3.1

Once you have a a Ruby version installed:

rbenv local system
sudo rake clean:all
rbenv local 2.3.1
gem install bundler
bundle exec rake