Issues with ruby motion 7.15

Hi, all. I am getting errors when I use ruby 2.7.0 to make an iOS app build. In particular, the build is failing with motion 7.15 (the latest version). Is there an ETA on when a newer version will be released?

rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:54:in `require': 
    BridgeSupport/ruby-2.6/bridgesupportparser.bundle, 0x0009): 
    could not use 
BridgeSupport/ruby-2.6/bridgesupportparser.bundle' because
     it is not a compatible arch - 
ruby-2.6/bridgesupportparser.bundle (** **LoadError** **)**

            rake aborted!

    Command failed with status (1): [RUBYOPT='' '/Library/RubyMotion/bin/gen_br...]

Mind coming to the Slack channel Api can help your trouble shoot?