Learn RubyMotion

I want to learn ruby motion but i don’t found the documentation have you a link for the documentation or small course for begining ?

Thanks a lot

Are you asking about Ruby in general or RubyMotion in particular?

For RubyMotion you can check out the guides at http://www.rubymotion.com/developers/guides/, but mostly you need to know your way around the Cocoa/Cocoa Touch APIs. Apple’s documentation has been getting worse lately, but you can check that out at https://developer.apple.com/documentation/ - don’t forget to set the language to Objective-C.

Ok so the Apple’s documentation is like the ruby motion documentation but with ruby its this ?

Thanks a lot for the answer :wink:

Apple’s documentation doesn’t have anything to do with Ruby, their documentation is written for their own development environment and uses Swift and Objective-C. RubyMotion is built to support Objective-C interoperability though, so it is just a matter of understanding the object model. Once you have that, it is fairly simple to convert - the RunTime Guide has various examples.