Motion android-setup installs old version of NDK

It seems that if I run motion android-setup with the current version, if installs an old version, which results in the API version error later, when I try to do rake device command. Here is what I am running:

motion android-setup
Updating SDK…
Refresh Sources:
Installing NDK : version r13b

motion --version

I am using starter package.


Here is the error, when running rake

ERROR! The Android NDK installed on your system does not support API level 28. Run 'motion android-setup' to install a more recent NDK version.

What does ls /Library/RubyMotion/data/Android return?

ls /Library/RubyMotion/data/Android

When you run the android-setup command, a dialog window pops up that lets you select additional SDKs to install. From that dialog window, select sdk 27.

For your app, you can change the target sdk version in the Rakefile to 27 using app.sdk_target. All available options can be seen by executing rake config.