Problem building the Stripe Cocoapod

It appears the forum has had a reboot. I hope someone will see this. I have a problem building the popular Stripe cocoapod for processing payments. Building it results in the following:

Build ./Pods.xcodeproj [Stripe - Release]
Create ./Target Support Files/Stripe/ResourceBundle-Stripe-Info.plist
/Library/RubyMotion/lib/motion/project/vendor/xcpretty_printer.rb:112:in format_path': undefined methodstart_with?’ for #Array:0x007ffe0588f5f8 (NoMethodError)
from /Library/RubyMotion/lib/motion/project/vendor/xcpretty_printer.rb:107:in print_copy_strings_file' from /Library/RubyMotion/lib/motion/project/vendor/xcpretty_printer.rb:47:inpretty_format’
from /Library/RubyMotion/vendor/XCPretty/lib/xcpretty/printer.rb:52:in pretty_print' from /Library/RubyMotion/vendor/XCPretty/bin/xcpretty:63:inblock in '
from /Library/RubyMotion/vendor/XCPretty/bin/xcpretty:62:in each_line' from /Library/RubyMotion/vendor/XCPretty/bin/xcpretty:62:ineach_line’
from /Library/RubyMotion/vendor/XCPretty/bin/xcpretty:62:in `'

I put in a quick patch:

return path.join("\n") if path.kind_of?(Array)

and it fixed the problem, but I wanted to report this.

@austinseraphin do you have a sample repo I can look at?

And yes, I rebooted the forum. Lots of stale posts.

@austinseraphin I’ll put a sample app together for you as soon as I can. Also, would you be available to G+/Skype sometime? I’d love to just chat with you about development and how RM can keep being awesome. I’m a big fan of yours :slight_smile:

Tracking progress in this GH issue:

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@austinseraphin here is a temporary fix, on line 47 of /Library/RubyMotion/lib/motion/project/vendor/xcpretty_printer.rb.

Replace print_copy_strings_file(text) with return "" # return empty string for now. There will be a fix for this issue in the next RubyMotion release (which will drop when XCode 9.3 comes out of beta).

I just put it in the pods section of the Rakefile

pod “Stripe”

Great! Thanks for the patch. Yes, let’s chat sometime. Microsoft has broken Skype accessibility, but we’ll figure something out. Email me.