Rake Device not working

I’m trying to use Rake Device but I keep getting ERROR! Can’t find an iOS device connected to USB. My iphone 7 plus is connected to my mac thru USB, I made sure itunes is closed, and xcode is closed. I also turned off my wifi on my phone. My phone is running on iOS 11.2.6. I don’t wanna run simulator because it takes too long, and it times out when I try to rake. Any suggestions.

Do you have a provisioning profile set up in your Rake file with a valid certificate? There should be lines like the following in your rake file:

app.codesign_certificate = "iPhone Developer: Amirali Rajan"
app.provisioning_profile = './profiles/development.mobileprovision'

@tayduds07, wanted to follow up on this. Were you able to get it working?

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