Where to download older versions?

So I was wanting to try this out, but I’m getting an error about 10.12 not being supported for the current version of RubyMotion. Great, but I don’t use bleeding edge macOS, I don’t know why anyone does, but be that as it may, where can I download an older version of RM that runs on my system? Site only seems to vend one version? That seems cray cray for development!

The Starter edition targets the latest OS version, otherwise older versions can be downloaded by using the motion update cache-version=VERSION command, and used by targeting the version in the Rakefile.

Thanks, that seems to be the correct approach, and in testing I can install and target 5.7 (which also only works with 10.13). Are there change logs anywhere, or some referencing of previous versions?

I’m trying to help myself here but this site is very to me, and searching the site using a Web search engine for older versions merely turns up deleted forum threads for old announcements.

There is a change log in your RubyMotion installation at /Library/RubyMotion/NEWS. You can also join the Slack channel: http://motioneers.herokuapp.com/ 1

The Starter Edition only supports the latest OSX release (getting a RubyMotion license will let you target OSX 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13). Given that 10.13 is the latest release, 10.12 has fallen into the LTS category (Long Term Support) which is accessible to those that have at least an Indie Subscription (which is not free).

I know upgrading to the 10.13 can cause some anxiety, but FWIW, it’s pretty stable now. Are there any specific programs that you are worried won’t work in 10.13? Maybe I can install them on my box and make sure they work?

Yeah I am mainly just looking to make utilities for myself, after evaluating whether this is the best way to do so. Perhaps some day I’ll make something worth sharing with others, and then I would consider the cost benefit of an annual subscription for a development toolkit. It’s probably mainly just a new user problem since if I had been using this for a while, I would know about this and simply stop updating RubyMotion once Apple does a release cycle, and wait until I adopt it the following year.

As to that, it’s just a personal policy. Since Apple has taken a treadmill approach to releasing unstable operating systems every single year, I don’t even bother updating until the last .x release before they start putting their development effort into the next beta cycle. .5 will be out soon, and if it looks like that’ll be the last one, then I’ll be adopting it then.

Thanks for offering to check it out though, that’s kind of you.