Where's the book on the updated RubyMotion?

Where’s the book on the updated RubyMotion?

What kind of book are you looking for? RM (and Xcode/developer tools, for that matter) are moving targets, so e/paper books tend to be outdated by the time they are published. If you have a specific question or problem, you can ask here or in the Slack channel, or if you are looking for user manuals, there are several developer guides. The change log is also now available with motion changelog.

Maybe a set of advanced examples for a cookbook on RubyMotion for all five platforms? How does that sound? Also, the book from Amazon is quite dated and from 2013 so is there some free advanced examples that are all in a repository at github.com [ https://www.amazon.com/RubyMotion-Development-Ruby-Pragmatic-Programmers/dp/1937785289 ] ?

I don’t know how advanced and what kind you are looking for, but there are samples on GitHub. As I mentioned, most “books” are outdated (and not just for RM - most anything about Xcode these days are in various articles, for example), so you might do a search for various articles/blogs/tutorials about the specific topic you are looking for.

RubyMotion is designed for Objective-C interoperability, so the current Apple samples and documentation are also valid sources - most of that can pretty much be dropped in to your projects (with minor tweaks of course).

If you have something specific you are trying to get information about, you might try the Slack channel, as there are a few advanced users there.

http://school.rubymotion.com is the best option for latest and greatest training.